Remembering Cynthia
Cynthia Lucero 1973 -
In Memorial
The gift of life
She was a shining bright light in so
many lives.  She loved life and lived
each day to make the world a better
place.  Her giving nature led her to
touch so many people in her short life.
Above all, she loved her family.

She was my little sister.

We remember her smile, capable of
brightening any room she stepped into.  
We remember her eyes, capable of
making you feel like the most important
person in the world.  Most of all, we
remember her simple, but powerful
approach to life: "Just be nice to

This website is dedicated to
remembering Cynthia, through
pictures, poems, letters, words and
Cynthia was born in New
York, but grew up in
Guayaquil, Ecuador.

She earned an undergraduate
degree in Clinical Psychology
before returning to the US to
pursue graduate studies.

She worked very hard to
obtain her Doctor of
Psychology degree.
She loved her work.  Helping other people was something she did every day
through her work, her professional training and the various volunteer
activities she was involved in.

She found inspiration for her thesis in the people she met when she became
involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training.

Her dissertation took place 4 days before she ran the Boston Marathon.  She
had planned it that way so she could have her family present at both
important milestones in her life.

Over the last days of her life she was surrounded by family and friends and
enjoying the fruits of her hard work.
Boston Marathon 2003